Angy started dancing at the age of 4 learning Modern Jazz and Ballet. As a young teenager she discovered partner dances and competed in Rock n’ roll.

In 2010 Angy started West Coast Swing and fell in love with it immediately. She started to compete and by 2015 she had reached the ‘Advanced Division’. Angy has strengthened not only her love for the dance but her knowledge and development by travelling all over Europe to learn and compete. She has won 5 classic titles and now competes at the ‘Allstar’ division.

Angy now teaches regularly in France with the goal to develop and strengthen the dance and the community.

2019 was the first time Angy had  travelled to Northern Ireland. Followers loved her classes and attention to detail with followers styling, we can't wait to have her back!


In 2006 Miguel discovered partner dancing by learning ballroom. He fell in love with the Latin social dances, Cuban salsa, on1/on2 and bachata. He joined an amateur troupe and his dancing grew as he performed at many international events.

Miguel soon fell completely ill from the west coast swing virus, it’s musicality, creativity and especially the focus on social dancing has kept him hooked ever since.

Always looking for new challenges, when Miguel reached All-Star level, he partnered up with Emeline Rochefeuille to compete in the classic routine division placing 4th at the French Open 2016. Since then, Miguel has partnered with Angélique Pernotte (Angy) and together they placed 1st at the 2018 French Open and 2nd place Rising Star US Open also in 2018. He now travels whenever he can to judge, teach and of course continue learning all over the world.